We are out to change the way the entire world manages their contract labor.
—Harold Mills, CEO


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    At ZeroChaos, we recognize that firms that do not embrace diversity among their employees, suppliers and solutions will not establish a competitive edge. In order to attract the very best talent and providers, companies must focus real time and effort on diversity and inclusion.
  • Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Orlando, Florida, ZeroChaos is the largest vendor-neutral Managed Services Provider in the world. Built on innovation, ZeroChaos solutions are at work in over 96 countries across the globe, successfully serving a variety of clients. ZeroChaos is one of the largest and fastest growing firms in the country.


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The Supplier Connection program has enabled us to expand our outreach efforts to more small and diverse businesses. It has also given us more contact with other corporate partners who share our commitment to the growth of small diverse businesses.